Three Rivers Brewing Company is a small, family owned and run microbrewery located in the beautiful Peel Region of WA. Thanks heaps for joining us on our journey from dream to reality.


Our philosophy is a simple one... We’ve had enough of mass-produced beer made from cheap ingredients and we think the beer-loving public deserves better. We produce a range of award-winning beers made from only the finest ingredients and nearly all conforming to the strict German beer purity law - the Reinheitsgebot. We use only water, malt, hops and yeast in most of our beers, and those with extra ingredients still use only the finest quality extras such as coriander and citrus. No additives, no preservatives, no colours, no cheap sugar (you’d be surprised!). We choose not to filter our finished beers too which means that you might sometimes get a slightly cloudy beer but you’ll get a lot more flavour.


One of our production cornerstones is sustainability. A sometimes overused term but we think we know what we’re talking about more than most (see the Three Rivers section).


All of our spent grain is used as stock feed, our hops are used as mulch  and our heat exchange water is used for subsequent brews.  

Three Rivers?

Three Rivers was chosen by the founders and we have kept it as it is relevant to the area and the history is impotatnt


“Three Rivers” also refers to our region. The Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary are fed by three rivers - the Serpentine, Murray and Harvey.

“Three Rivers” just seemed right... and “Brewing Company” is what we are.

The Brewery

We were in development for about three years and we’re told that the average time taken to get everything right and to negotiate the enormous amounts of red tape is 5 years!


We’re now actively out there in the marketplace but we’ve certainly had our fair share of ups and downs along the way.


Our original tavern licence was secured for a property in Meelon, just east of Pinjarra in the foothills of the Darling Scarp in Western Australia. Delays with the construction of the building at this site though mean that this is no longer going ahead.


Since then we came close to closing deals on properties from Mt Barker to Baldivis but we finally managed to secure a property in Mandurah. 


We’re following the time-honoured tradition in the brewing industry of being creative when it comes to stretching our always limited dollars as far as they’ll go.


The brew house itself (which is the set of tanks where the actual brewing goes on) has a brew length of 1000L. This means that we make 1000L of beer, or 20 kegs, each time we brew. These tanks, as well as our three 2200L fermenters, all started their lives as milk tanks on farms in WA and Victoria before we upcycled them into our brewhouse.