Jester Kolsch

ABV 5%    IBU 21

A Kölsch is, essentially, a Pilsner brewed with ale instead of lager yeast (ask us about the difference) so it should appeal to lager / pilsner drinkers.

Officially, the Jester is a Kölsch “style” beer as it wasn’t actually brewed in Cologne. But let’s not stand on ceremony too much. Apart from being brewed in little ol’ Mandurah, it’s a kölsch in every other sense.

90% Pilsner malt with small amounts of Munich and wheat malts produce the pale gold colour and the lemon and creamy flavours.

Only moderately hopped with subtle, German varieties for a little spice.

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Three Rivers is a  family-run brewery in the most traditional sense. Known in the industry as a ‘franken-brewery’, we have created and scaled our operations using ingenuity, repurposed dairy tanks, and other upcycled farm equipment. We pride ourselves on traditional beers and ales that are recognisable and very true to style! come taste for yourself.

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Producer's Licence 618207223715     Licensee: ClearWater Research and Management Pty Ltd

Warning: Under the Liquor Control Act 1988, it is an offence:

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