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Updated: May 29

Stardate October 2021 – somewhere in the covid haze of building walls and not seeing kids and grandkids……..”Hey Honey, Lets buy a brewery”, I said to my husband, as you do on a weekend – but the difference is we somehow did. After much research, thanks Chantel, and negotiations - Three Rivers brewery changes hands and became ours on Monday 21 March 2022 – we became licensees and the new owners of this amazing place!!!

Our story to this point is varied and multi familied, but in short Andy knows how to brew beer- and there are a few who do remember the Keltic Stout and the Boranup Bitter as the really good beer from Leahdale Brewery, and I know how to run a business – I’ve finally got a real job having worked in the Arts for over 35 years!

It has been a steep learning curve – for me learning so many new words and processes and the same for Andy. He has learnt how to process and produce some really great tasting beer – from the recipes we purchased from Mark and Trina – the founders and genuinely great people - and also how to master the refurbished dairy equipment and all the quirks that come with this kind of repurposed brewery. Its called a Franken Brewery, and it has its own challenges.

We have made some changes over the last 6 weeks – new furniture in the beer garden with some new foliage added just yesterday. Andy has installed a crane in the coolroom for the kegs allowing us to lift them 3 high for safe and compact storage. There have been some changes in the tap room with a movement of furniture and there are plans afoot for the future. One thing we didn’t change was keeping Jane our fabulous Bar Person and Ben our beaut bottler.

Its only been 6 weeks!

We have had the pleasure of meeting our really supportive regulars that come to talk, drink and buy our beer. We have expanded our trading hours to reach more locals and travellers, and to keep the regulars topped up if the need arises. We have changed from pasties and pies to Ploughman’s platters and toasted sandwiches. We have a happy hour that defies time and lasts for 1 and ½ hours and we are now becoming a music venue – Choir Tuesday night, Jam in the Brew Room group and the Mandurah Mariners for Sea Shanty's every second Thursday nights and of course maintaining our Sunday sessions in the beer garden on Sundays from 2:45pm. If you’re not involved and you want to be, please get in touch -

Hours are Monday to Thursday 3pm – 8pm Friday – Sunday 12noon – 8pm. We have happy hour every day 330pm – 5pm, drop by and say hi.

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