Brewing is now a part of our sustainble life

In the early days of craft brewing, repurposed dairy equipment was often used to brew beer. This was due to the fact that many craft breweries were started in repurposed buildings, such as warehouses or barns. Dairy equipment was repurposed because it was readily available and relatively inexpensive. In addition, it was easy to clean and sterilize, which is important in brewing. However, repurposed dairy equipment had some disadvantages. For example, it was difficult to control the temperature of the wort (the liquid that is extracted from the mash during brewing), which could lead to off flavours in the beer. In addition, the shape of the vessels often made it difficult to achieve a consistent level of carbonation. As a result, many craft breweries have switched to purpose-built brewing equipment. However, some brewers still prefer repurposed dairy equipment and Three Rivers is one of these breweries.

In this day and age, it is important that we repurpose things to make other things and that fact that Three Rivers is a Franken Brewery really fitted with our ethos of a more sustainable lifestyle. Three Rivers also had solar panels and an effective water filtration and process that limits waste. All our grain is fed to Deb’s chickens, and the yeast and hops is put in our compost at home. So, there is heaps to feel good about with every mouthful.

It was a great WA Beer Week where we met some great people. Dylan from Boundary Island Brewery – and we also went on a tour there. They have some great beers, and they have really nice equipment – Andy had a little equipment envy!!!We also attended the Yeast meets West function on at the Dutch Trading Company – where we tasted some great beers and met the Hosts – Fabs, Nico and Julien, from Bintani, our malt suppliers. It was a great night! Then we went to the WA Beer and Brewing Conference. It was great to feel a part of our new community and meet some fellow brewers and people who work in the industry.

We have also been busy with brewing, Andy has just kegged a brew of Tomahawk and it will be ready for the tap room in about 10 days – after conditioning on gas. As all brewers know the one activity that is always in abundance in any brewery is cleaning! Andy has been in the Fermenter and Kettles scrubbing his heart out!

Above Andy is in the kettle and to the left he is in the fermenter. We need to make sure that there is plenty of air in there so he can clean it properly.

During the last month Steve, one of our regulars, helped Andy to hang the new dart board, which has been very popular. We are thinking of starting a darts night on Wednesdays, get in touch if you are keen.

Singing with soul pub choir is getting bigger. We sing every Tuesday night 6 - 730pm. Come in and have a sing with up, it great for the soul.

Don't forget our Sunday sessions with live music from 245pm.

Till next month - Keep Brewing

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